1.4034 is a martensitic hardenable magnetic 420 type grade stainless is a high carbon steel with at least a 12% chromium content . The material presents a good level of ductility while annealed. The corrosion properties of 1.4034 are excellent once it is hardened, polished or ground. 1.4034 corrosion properties are due to the high level of (12%) chromium. It is more hardenable than 1.4031 due to its higher carbon content. Click here for the data sheet.



1.4031    X30Cr13                     

1.2080     X20Cr13                   

1.2083     X15CR13

1.4021     420              

1.4028     410

420S45    416

420S37    1.4034 

420S29    440B

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