M2 High Speed Steel

M2 is a high speed steel comprised of a tungsten molybdenum mix. Typically used in applications requiring wear resistance, retaining hardness even when heated to the point of glowing red and great wear resistance. M2 is regarded as a successor to T1 in most applications due to it been generally superior mechanically speaking, its also has the benefit of been a lower cost. M2 has good machinability especially when compared to higher alloy cold work steels. 

M2 Applications 

M2 has a large array of applications due to it having very well balanced properties. It sees use in areas such as milling equipment, taps and dies, metal saws and drill bits. Mostly where moderate hot work hardness is required, though it is also suitable for cold work applications such as forging, punching and pressing.

M2 Chemical Properties 

C Mo Cr V W
0.85% 5.00% 4.10% 1.80%


M2 Forging and Annealing  


Technical Information