m2 high speed Steel Sheet   

Specialising in the supply of M2 Stainless Steel Sheet in an extensive range of thicknesses. We supply full sheets, part sheets, laser cut profiles, sawn sections and sheared pieces.                                                                                                   

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  M2 High Speed Steel Sheet - Stock Range
Thickness  Sheet Dimensions   Condition 
1.25  600 x 1800  Hot Rolled Annealed 
1.50  650 x 1900  Hot Rolled Annealed 
1.50  720 x 2460  Hot Rolled Annealed
2.50 660 x 2000 Hot Rolled Annealed
3.50 650 x 1950 Hot Rolled Annealed
3.50 720 x 2460 Hot Rolled Annealed
4.30 660 x 1980  Hot Rolled Annealed
4.30 720 x 2350 Hot Rolled Annealed
5.30 610 x 1830 Hot Rolled Annealed
6.40 710 x 2100 Hot Rolled Annealed
7.30 650 x 2100 Hot Rolled Annealed
8.50 650 x 2100 Hot Rolled Annealed
10.50 660 x 1950 Hot Rolled Annealed

M2 high speed Steel Sheet

M2 is a Tungsten Molybdenum general purpose high speed steel. M2 High Speed Steel is characterised by having small and evenly distributed carbides, giving well balanced toughness, wear resistance and red hardness properties. Capable of acheiving 64-66 HRC after treatment. It is by far the most popular high speed steel for most applications because of its superior properties such as its bending strength, toughness, edge holding and thermo plasticity. M2 High Speed Steel is a great allrounder with good machinability, in this respect it is superior to the high alloyed cold work steels.

M2 high speed Steel sheet - Applications 

Typical applications for M2 High Speed Steel include Shear blades, woodworking tools, circular saw segments, metal cutting tools, milling cutters, mould liners, saws, and knives.   

M2 High Speed Steel - Related specifications - Links to Data Pages 

British Standard: M2

HS 6-5-2






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