AISI/SAE M2 High speed Steel

AISI/SAE M2 is a Tungsten Molybdenum general purpose high speed steel. M2 High Speed Steel is characterised by having small and evenly distributed carbides, giving well balanced toughness, wear resistance and red hardness properties. Capable of acheiving 64-66 HRC after treatment. It is by far the most popular high speed steel for most applications because of its superior properties such as its bending strength, toughness, edge holding and thermo plasticity. M2 High Speed Steel is a great allrounder with good machinability, in this respect it is superior to the high alloyed cold work steels.

  AISI/SAE M2 High Speed Steel - Typical Chemical Analysis wt % 
C Cr Mo W V
0.85 4.20 5.00 6.40 1.80

Applications for AISI/SAE AISI/SAE M2 High speed steel

Typical applications for AISI/SAE M2 High Speed Steel include Shear blades, woodworking tools, circular saw segments, metal cutting tools, milling cutters, mould liners, saws, and knives.

Soft Annealing AISI/SAE M2 high speed steel

In order to avoid decarburization, M2 High Speed Steel should be annealed in a controlled neutral atmosphere, ie a vacume furnace

Heat rate 222°C per hour to 840°C - Soak thoroughly at heat - Furnace cool 28°C per hour to 538°C - Continue cooling in furnace or air. 

Aproximate annealed hardness 241 HB Max.

Machineability of m2 high speed steel

M2 is classified as a medium machinability tool steel in the annealed condition. it has a machinability rating of 65% when compared to a 1% carbon steel rated at 100.

   AISI/SAE M2 High Speed Steel Steel - Mechanical Properties at ambient temperature 

 Tempered at 620°C - Quenched at 1205°C - Hardness 62 HRC

 As Hardened - Quenched at 1205°C - Hardness 65 HRC

 Compressive yeild strength - Tempered at 150°C - 3250 MPa

 Izod impact unnotched - Tempered at 150°C - 67 J

 Abrasion - Loss in mm³ as hardend - ASTM G65 - 25.8mm³

Forging AISI/SAE M2 High Speed steel

Pre heat slowly and uniformly 850-900°C - The heat should then be increased more quickly to the forging temprature of 1050-1150°C - If during forging the temprature of the material should drop below 880-900°C reheating will be necessary. Cool the M2 very slowly after forging

Hardening AISI/SAE M2 High Speed STeel

Pre heat the material in two steps - 450-500°C then 850-900°C - Continue heating to the final hardening temprature of 1200-1250°C

Follow by quenching in oil or brine.

If quenching in oil remove the the component(s) from the oil at approximately 500°C then cool in air.

Tempering AISI/SAE M2 High Speed STeel

Tempering temperature: 3 x 1 Hour at 540-560°C

Heat Treatment Advise of AISI/SAE M2 High Speed STeel

Treatment temperatures, including the rate of heating, cooling and soaking times will vary due to factors such as the shape and size of each 1.3343 High Speed Steel component. other considerations during the heat treatment process include the type of furnace, quenching medium and work piece transfer facilities. Please consult your heat treatment provider for full guidance for the heat treatment of M2 High Speed Steel.

  AISI/SAE M2 High Speed Steel - Physical properties  

 Density - 8138 kg/

 Modulus of elasticity - (10³ x N/mm²) : 217

 Specific Gravity - 815

 Thermal conductivity.  (W/m/°K): 19.0

 Electric resistivity.  (Ohm mm²/m): 0.54

 Specific heat capacity.  (J/g.K): 0.46

 Magnetisable. Yes

Welding of AISI/SAE M2 High Speed steel

We recommend specialist advice to be sought


The information and data presented herein are typical or average values and are not a guarantee of maximum or minimum values. Applications specifically suggested for material described herein are made solely for the purpose of illustrations to enable the reader to make their own evaluations. They are not intended to either express or imply the suitability for these or any other purposes 

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